Service Driven … Safety Focused


Safety is our highest priority, and is ingrained in all that we do. Our team is safety trained and certified to OSHA and DOT standards, and every SEFA Transportation driver is required to take Smith System Comprehensive Driver Safety Training and has to renew safety training every two years. Our in-house Safety Committee has instituted an ongoing process for reviewing additional steps to exceed industry practices and implement necessary changes, ensuring all of our employees get home safely each night.  


We will never compromise on Safety for our customers, our employees, or the communities we serve.
— Jim Widowfield, Vice President, SEFA Transportation

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Environmental Stewardship

Sustainable practices are woven through the DNA of SEFA Transportation. Our core business, in fact, is dedicated to preserving a better environment for future generations. The SEFA Group processes and markets environmentally sustainable products derived from fly ash for the construction industry, recycling over 20 million tons of fly ash in the last 30 years. SEFA is making a positive impact for the future by cleaning up coal ash from ponds and removing it from the environment.

We strive to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our communities by conserving resources and minimizing waste, and comply with all federal, state, and local regulatory requirements for our industry.  Our transportation fleet optimizes its performance to minimize emissions and reduce fuel consumption.