20 Years of Service, 40 Million Miles Traveled, 9 Million Tons Delivered


How do we define excellence? Numerous awards for safety, a heart for service, and the most professional team in trucking and logistics for a start. Transportation services at SEFA have increased steadily year after year, and we attribute that growth to the sterling reputation earned by our drivers and dispatchers. 


Prioritizing Safety
and Teamwork

We recognize that in order to be successful in the service industry, safety has to be our highest value. We hold each other accountable in order to achieve exceptional results.


Award-winning Industry Recognition

SEFA has constantly been recognized as a leader in safety. With multiple awards several years in a row, we know what it takes to create a safe work environment.

Service is the Heart of
Our Company

SEFA has a strong heritage of unsurpassed commitment to its customers in an environmentally sensitive and sustainable manner, proving that SEFA is built on service.


9 Million Tons of Bulk Aggregates Delivered

From the beginning, SEFA has focused on providing reliable and unmatched service to our customers, even adding and customizing services for our customers' every need.

SEFA Transportation Vision & Mission

Group of drivers.jpg

Our Mission is to provide the finest transportation and logistics services, emphasizing safety, training, and environmental responsibility.

Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations and represent their interests consistently through the building of long-term partnerships built on trust, mutual respect, and integrity.

Our Vision is to sustain growth and maintain our position as one of the leaders in the transportation field. We have obtained our leadership role through the team spirit and individual commitment of our drivers.